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Give Your Way to Wealth


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Parents, most times, think that their children are too young to give and therefore do not teach them the concept of giving. I am talking of charitable giving which is different from children sharing with their siblings.

I am making the above clarifications because a parent had argued with me before that she teaches her children to share whatever each of them has; and thus has taught her children the concept of giving. It is natural and easier to give to close relatives, especially those you know will (or can) give you back.

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Charitable giving is not usually taught in most homes. The first exposure children have to charitable giving is usually in religious gatherings (church, mosque, etc.) Even then, children don’t fully understand the concept and may not even be involved in the process. They give offerings in church and see their parents do the same but may never be aware of what the money is for. At best, they know it is “God’s money”.

It is crucial to let children know how helpful it is to give and why they give. We need to explain to our children the different options of Charitable Giving and the benefits of it to them. Teaching them about charitable giving does not mean we have to pressurise or force them to give to a particular cause, but that we explain the process and the benefits of charitable giving to them. Life examples abound all around us. Once we teach them the concept and principles of giving, we then need to allow them to make their decisions where they want to give.

We are obliged to show them different options of charitable giving they have; and then allow them to make the choice of where they want to give. This will enable them give willingly from their hearts and experience the joy of passionate giving. You will be surprised how imaginative and generous children can get.

Always Give First

Whatever money comes into your child’s hands, he/she should remove a minimum of 10% of the money in order to give it away. Even as adults, when we earn our income the first thing to do is to deduct the 10% for giving, before we start spending or paying bills. Unfortunately, a lot of people want to pay 10% of the left-over from their income. This is not what God is telling us to do in order to be blessed. Giving first will teach children (and adults) to appreciate getting the money.

God says in Luke 6:38

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be given to you… “

This means a charitable giver will receive abundant blessings in multiples of what he or she voluntarily gave. When you give unconditionally to others and without expectation of anything in return, your giving will return multiplied. This is further confirmed in 2 Chronicles 3:10 where Azariah said:

“Since the people began to bring the offerings into the house of the Lord, we have had enough to eat, and have left plenty; for the Lord hath blessed his people… “

Be a giver and you shall be greatly blessed in Jesus name. Shalom

Source by Olakitan Wellington

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